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Chartered Physiotherapy, Blackrock

Physiotherapy Experience

  • Years of rehab experience
  • All ranges of sports injuries
  • Pre and post op rehabilitation
  • Caters for all musculoskeletal injuries
  • Hands on guided step by step rehabilitation.
  • Bsc Physiotherapy from UCD.
  • CORU registered.
  • Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.
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Physiotherapy Services

we provide

Chartered Physiotherapy

Injury diagnosis through accurate assessment and treatment. Catering for all muscular, ligament and tendon injuries.

Sports Physio

Physiotherapy that deals with sports related injuries. Understanding the mechanism of injury (MOI) and any previous injury history. Important to get assessed as soon as possible.

Strength and Conditioning

Structured exercises programmes to improve physical fitness, endurance and overall functional performance. Online programmes provided to continue at home.

Deep Tissue Treatment

Hands on manipulation of soft tissue injuries, to release tension, reduce pain and restore ROM.

Shockwave Therapy

Non-invasive therapy that helps improves inflammation and blood circulation to an injured area. Gold standard treatment for tendon problems.

What our customers have to say

  • Jeff O’FlynnJeff O’Flynn

    After suffering a grade 2 ankle ligament strain playing football , I went to Keelan for treatment. He provided a step by step rehabilitation programme and took me through the necessary strengthening exercises to return to full fitness, and I’m back training and playing since!

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  • Mark BollardMark Bollard

    Great physio in easy to get to location: “Was having consistent issues with my calves and ankles after a sustained period of running. After a few visits to Keelan the issues have gone and I am running pain free

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  • Darragh RocheDarragh Roche

    I have been experiencing awful pain in both achilles while playing football for the past two years. It has been a serious hindrance on my ability to play. After 4 appointments with Keelan, which included massage therapy and a series of tailored stretches and exercises focusing on strengthening my achilles, the pains began to subside. Each week brought a new set of routines again fully tailored to my injury and how I can maintain a strain free achilles. His attention to detail with regards to my specific injury is commendable.

    I would highly recommend BR Physiotherapy to anyone with that annoying strain or any ongoing niggle you’ve been experiencing. Keelan will take the time to analyse and present a solution suited to your specific injury/strain and ensure it will remain strain-free.

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  • Aoife MollinAoife Mollin

    Keelan brings together both remedial exercises as well as massage & physical therapy to really work to the root cause of any injuries or niggles! This mix of style helps to get to the root cause & build back up to things working well really quickly.

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  • Tom ClearyTom Cleary

    Keelan has sorted me out multiple times at short notice! Very professional and a great service. Knowledgable about his profession and will fix you up

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  • Nadia PowerNadia Power

    Keelan was excellent and really relieved the pain and tension in my calves that was causing me discomfort while training. I would really recommend the clinic to any runners or sports people looking for treatment on niggles or tightness.

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  • Jack FinniganJack Finnigan

    Struggled with a back and glute issue for 2 months prior to seeing Keelan. Within 2 sessions I was back moving pain free and on the road to recovery. Couldn’t recommend any higher

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  • John FitzgeraldJohn Fitzgerald

    2 sessions done with Keelan were excellent. Got a detailed diagnosis of the hamstring issue I was having. Loads of deep tissue work done and a full rehab program provided. Back on track really quickly.

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  • Cian HynesCian Hynes

     First time going to a physio. Thought I had a hip injury but Keelan quickly discovered it was actually my glute. The deep tissue treatment released a lot of built up stress. Between that and the exercises recommended and demonstrated by Keelan the pain is fully gone.

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  • Haritha JacobHaritha Jacob

    Keelan is a great physio. I was wrongly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis but through consultation he figured out what I have is more of a tendon issue. Sessions are long and he explains everything very well. Would recommend him big time.!

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  • Gearoid CrowleyGearoid Crowley

     I went BR Physiotherapy with an ongoing hamstring issue and Achilles Tendon problems from marathon training. Keelan was able to pinpoint the issues and helped me back to recovery with excellent deep tissue work and a rehab strength program. Strongly recommend Keelan! Thanks for the help!

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  • Andrew MonaghanAndrew Monaghan

    Excellent physio. I've currently seeing Keelan for Achilles tendon and knee pain issues. He has already been a great help. I'm delighted he was recommended to me as from my experience, it can be hard to find a good physio that gives you proper attention and has excellent follow-up support. I would highly recommend him.

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  • Lauren CollLauren Coll

    I have been to the clinic a few times and have had a great experience each time.  Keelan is so thorough, helpful and knowledgeable! Would definitely highly recommend!

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  • Patrick NolanPatrick Nolan

    I couldn't recommend Keelan highly enough. He was so conscientious and knowledgeable. He took the time to ask plenty of questions to gain a detailed insight into my reasons for arranging a physio appointment. He was able to identify and explain the cause of my knee/leg pain and delivered effective treatment. He also provided a selection of exercises and demonstrated each one, ensuring to check my understanding throughout. Absolutely top quality service!

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  • Charlie CassidyCharlie Cassidy

     I had two sessions with Keelan and it was great. I had mcl damage and the initial and progressive exercises he prescribed over the two sessions helped me immensely to get back to where I was before the injury occurred after only a few weeks.

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  • Therese McKennaTherese McKenna

    Keelan helped me after a bad ankle fracture,from post-op to full recovery.  His treatment and exercise prescription ensured I did not need an ankle fusion. I have been pain-free ever since. I would highly recommend this physio in Blackrock.

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  • Sharon DowlingSharon Dowling

    I found BR Physiotherapy very good. I had an issue with my foot and Keelan fixed it in one session. He also helped my teenage son with an issue he had for months with his elbow. I would highly recommend BR Physiotherapy

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  • Jack CarrollJack Carroll

     I’ve had a couple sessions with Keelan focusing on ankle mobility and strength work following ligament damage from football. Very happy with its progress and with Keelan’s detailed plans. Would highly recommend. 

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  • Jonathan RuddyJonathan Ruddy

    Visited weekly for both an ankle injury and a wrist issue simultaneously. Great sessions and the online exercise programs are very helpful. Very professional and good value physio in Blackrock.

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  • Flavia SantosFlavia Santos

    I had a few session with Keelan at BR Physiotherapy after hurting my shoulder. He is very good and knowledgeable. He treated the shoulder with some local massage and also recommended some exercises for recovery and to prevent future injuries. I'll be going back when needed! I highly recommend BR Physiotherapy!

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  • Stephen O’BrienStephen O’Brien

     I have been going to different physios and chiropractors over the last 3 years. None of them were able to adjust and fix my back problem like BR physio. I finally have pain relieve after 2 years .He works hard and is hands on. I would highly recommend BR physio to anyone who’s serious and committed to fixing their muscle pain.

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  • Greg QuinnGreg Quinn

    Came into Keelan with an ongoing shoulder issue that had plagued me for years. Had it seen to elsewhere but the relief was short-lived. Took him all of 5 minutes to assess the problem and within the hour it was resolved. He's a sound guy, easy to talk to and definitely knows his stuff!

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  • Derek RogersonDerek Rogerson

    Very good service. First time going to Keelan with a recurring neck/shoulder problem. Keelan qualified my injury at the start of the appointment before proceeding to treating it.

    Post treatment now about 2 weeks I have been exercising regularly and haven't had any issues with the same injury. 100 % recommend. 

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  • Amy WalshAmy Walsh

    Keelan was really nice to deal with and very proactive in his approach. I would fully recommend him!

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  • Lena LinehanLena Linehan

    I came across Keelan on Instagram randomly when I was suffering badly with a back injury. From the first session Keelan got stuck in and had a hands on approach. After just one session my back was almost completely healed. I had so much more movement and as this was an injury that I had treated two years prior by another physio, I can say that this time around I saw a much faster recovery time due to Keelan’s approach. I couldn't recommend him enough within one week I was back to my normal self which I'm so grateful for!

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  • John ClearyJohn Cleary

    Class, in 3 sessions Keelan has sorted out a serious back problem I’ve had for years of overuse.The new setup in Blackrock is great. The rehab section is great for getting exercises and going through them.

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  • Conal McCluskeyConal McCluskey

    Keelan was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He helped me with a back problem through a combination of home exercise plans and directly working on my back itself. I will certainly return to him for any future physio needs.

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  • David PoothDavid Pooth

    Went to Keelan to receive emergency support for back and neck pain. His massage helped immediately and the exercises he recommended provided further relief in the next few days. Can only recommend!

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  • Andrea McDermottAndrea McDermott

    Highly recommend. Had never been to a physio before but Keelan explained it clearly from the start. My back has been at me for years but after one session, my back actually feels better already!

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  • Declan SmythDeclan Smyth

    I had an urgent back issue and spoke with Keelan by phone who then had me in for an appointment on the same day. He was able to resolve the problem there and then and as a result I am now able to get back out on the golf course. This was a remarkable turnaround in such a short space of time. Well done Keelan.

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  • Ellen WilliamsEllen Williams

    I've been going to Keelan for a number of weeks now working on rehab post knee injury.  In a matter of weeks he has helped me build up my strength and created a plan to suit me and my goals. Would highly recommend!

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  • Oisin LennonOisin Lennon

    Having suffered a severe knee injury, there was little scope for me to return to sport. Keelan of BR Physiotherapy has been world class in helping me return to exercise. He tailored individualised programmes for my needs and worked with me step by step through the rehab. Thanks to Keelan, I can now safely exercise and play sports beyond what the doctors expected post-surgery. Highly recommend. 

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  • Phil EllisPhil Ellis

    I tore my ACL in May of this year. I had surgery soon after and linked in with Keelan for my rehabilitation. We are four months into my programme, and everything has gone brilliantly. I am seeing Keelan twice monthly, and my progress is better than expected. In 16 weeks , I am back to many functional movements and lifting close to max on a number of leg exercises. In the last 3 weeks, I have started running very short distances on it, and all feels fantastic. Keelan is a fantastic communicator and much of the rehab process is open dialogue, with Keelan naturally taking the lead. The plan for 2024 is to be back running long distance and I am confident we will achieve that. I have worked with a number of very good physios over the decades and Keelan ranks up there with them all. I would most certainly recommend Keelan to anyone in need of a physio.

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  • Miriam KennedyMiriam Kennedy

    I am a 79 year old patient with a back issue. I found Keelan very professional and understanding of my problem. He quickly identified the issue and hopefully with the programme of exercises he set out , it resolved my issue.  

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  • Colin GaynorColin Gaynor

    Great experience with Keelan, excellent facilities. highly recommend. 

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  • Kathleen ManganKathleen Mangan

    Really good deep tissue massage.Just what I needed as had been in alot of pain. Definitely will be back in new year. Thanks Keelan

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  • Janet GreenJanet Green

    Big thanks to Keelan for his expert care, he's helped me enormously with an old hamstring tendon problem, and has applied the shock wave therapy with great effect. He provided a comprehension follow up  exercise program for strengthening my muscles & I've been able to resume competitive sports.I would highly recommend Keelan.

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  • Nadine ArtazNadine Artaz

    Great shockwave therapy and physio therapist!

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  • Marian RowanMarian Rowan

    Keelan has been fantastic in identifying the source of my achillies issue and after not running for 4 months within 2 sessions I was back running! Keelan’s holistic approach & extensive knowledge proved to be extremely helpful and I have no hesitation in recommending his practice. 

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  • Janet GreenJanet Green

    Big thanks to Keelan for his expert care; he's helped me enormously with a old hip problem, and has applied the shock wave therapy with great effect. He's provided a comprehension followup  exercise program for strengthening my muscles & I've been able to resume competitive sports. I would highly recommend Keelan.

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  • Sabri SabouniSabri Sabouni

    I had been struggling with tennis elbow for over 6 months, and it was affecting my daily life. After just two sessions with Keelan, I've seen remarkable improvement, recovering more than 80% of my mobility and strength. His expertise and personalized approach to my condition were truly impressive. I highly recommend his services for anyone dealing with similar issues. Thank you for helping me get back on track! 

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  • Scott EllisScott Ellis

     I couldn’t recommend Keelan more, I was in the middle of training for both the Dublin half and full marathons and had to put my training on the back burner for 8 weeks due to a hip problem, after an MRI there were no apparent injuries and within 2 visits with Keelan I was back to training and completed the half.  He is incredibly thorough & knows what he is doing.

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  • Rachel CuddyRachel Cuddy

    I cannot fault the experience I have had with BR physiotherapy. I have attended the clinic numerous times and the treatments have always been excellent. Keelan followed up post treatment and also provided me with a recovery plan with stretches and movements. I would highly recommend BR physiotherapy.

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  • Mark RooneyMark Rooney

    Keelan’s in-depth knowledge of sports injuries coupled with a pragmatic approach to rehab those specific injuries has been incredibly beneficial for my recovery. I would recommend his services based on this along with his easygoing and personable nature.

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  • George O’HaraGeorge O’Hara

    Went to Keelan with Achilles and shoulder injuries. He worked effectively and efficiently on both occasions for a number of sessions and resolved both issues. Keelan has a strong attention to detail and is very generous with his time and expertise. Would highly recommend him.

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  • Laura HigginsLaura Higgins

    Would definitely recommend BR Physiotherapy. I went to Keelan for a sports injury to my neck and back and after one session I had so much relief and was able to start exercising and training as I had been pre injury. It was also great being given the get an online home exercise programme to do at home as well. 

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  • Hilary ClarkeHilary Clarke

    After over 10 appointments with other professionals trying to sort back issues Keelan has managed to free up my back hugely in 2 sessions. Would highly recommend!

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  • Laura ChambersLaura Chambers

    I had a great experience attending BR Physiotherapy recently. Keelan was really knowledgeable and dealt with my injury very effectively. Would definitely visit this physio again

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  • Michael FitzpatrickMichael Fitzpatrick

    Best physio I've been to. Keelan is clearly very passionate about anatomy and helping people feel better. Highly recommended

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  • Haley DoltonHaley Dolton

    Would highly recommend Keelan, a very knowledgeable physio who is very generous with his time and effort

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Frequently Asked Questions

BR Physiotherapy is located in Unit 5 Brookfield Terrace, adjacent to Carysfort Avenue and it is a five minute walk from Blackrock Village. BR Physiotherapy has a full gym rehab facility attached to the clinic to cater for all injuries including Pre and Post Op injuries, Sports Injuries, Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain to Ankle, Calf, Hamstring, Quadricep and Hip Injuries.

An appointment costs €65 for a full session. There will be a full assessment done and a history breakdown of any previous injuries or conditions that the patient may have received which could be relevant to this presenting injury. The appropriate treatment will then be provided and the patient will be given an online rehab programme to do in own their own as part of their rehab.

A Physiotherapy appointment lasts 45 minutes per session.

If you are attending BR Physiotherapy for a lower body injury, shorts are preferrable to fully assess the injury . If you are attending BR Physiotherapy for an upper body injury, then a loose top to access the injured area is preferrable.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a patient might need between 1-10 sessions. If the problem is not improving after 3 sessions, then a referral will be made through our referral pathway for an MRI or an X Ray to give a more accurate diagnosis of the injury. At the initial consultation a recovery roadmap will be presented to the patient to give them an idea of the injury timeframe.

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Back Pain
Neck Pain
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