Neck, Back and Shoulder Rehab

Neck, back and shoulder pain stems from a person’s fixed position throughout the day. Overuse or remaining in that position for a period of time can cause these injuries. In some circumstances this pain can also occur from an indirect trauma that the person may have suffered without noticing at the time. All three body parts can be affected as a result of this problem.

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Our Process

  • See the person’s day to day ergonomics and what could be contributing to the problem.
  • View the injury from a holistic view and identify variables that may be causing the injury.
  • Hands on approach to get to the bottom of the injury.
  • Correct and appropriate programming to strengthen the area
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What our customers have to say

  • I came across Keelan on Instagram randomly when I was suffering badly with a back injury. From the first session Keelan got stuck in and had a hands on approach. After just one session my back was almost completely healed. I had so much more movement and as this was an injury that I had treated two years prior by another physio, I can say that this time around I saw a much faster recovery time due to Keelan’s approach. I couldn't recommend him enough within one week I was back to my normal self which I'm so grateful for!

  • Class, in 3 sessions Keelan has sorted out a serious back problem I’ve had for years of overuse.The new setup in Blackrock is great. The rehab section is great for getting exercises and going through them.

  • Keelan was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He helped me with a back problem through a combination of home exercise plans and directly working on my back itself. I will certainly return to him for any future physio needs.

  • Went to Keelan to receive emergency support for back and neck pain. His massage helped immediately and the exercises he recommended provided further relief in the next few days. Can only recommend!

  • Highly recommend. Had never been to a physio before but Keelan explained it clearly from the start. My back has been at me for years but after one session, my back actually feels better already!

  • I had an urgent back issue and spoke with Keelan by phone who then had me in for an appointment on the same day. He was able to resolve the problem there and then and as a result I am now able to get back out on the golf course. This was a remarkable turnaround in such a short space of time. Well done Keelan.

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