Neck, Back and Shoulder Rehab

neck, back shoulder

Neck, back and shoulder pain stems from a person’s fixed position throughout the day. Overuse or remaining in that position for a period of time can cause these injuries. In some circumstances this pain can also occur from an indirect trauma that the person may have suffered without noticing at the time. All three body parts can be affected as a result of this problem.

Our Process

  • See the person’s day to day ergonomics and what could be contributing to the problem.
  • View the injury from a holistic view and identify variables that may be causing the injury.
  • Hands on approach to get to the bottom of the injury.
  • Correct and appropriate programming to strengthen the area

Google Reviews

“Brilliant professional service and would highly recommend. Keelan always went the extra mile during my shoulder rehab”

“I have nothing but praise for Keelan and BR Physiotherapy in how they managed my low back pain. Great set up, would highly recommend.”