Chartered Physiotherapy

As a Chartered Physiotherapist, you can be assured of a professional, scientific approach.

Professional and Scientific Care for Your Recovery Needs

BR Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to physiotherapy, offering personalised treatment plans based on your individual needs and requirements.

Whether you have sustained an injury and need help aiding recovery or want to reduce the pain caused by a musculoskeletal condition, we provide individualised treatment and rehabilitation plans to help recovery as quickly as possible.

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What are the benefits of Chartered Physiotherapy?

Chartered Physiotherapy focuses on addressing the root causes of physical issues, providing non-invasive treatments, and promoting holistic well-being.

Patients benefit from individualized treatment plans, pain reduction, improved mobility, and long-term wellness, as well as education on self-management and injury prevention.

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What our customers have to say

  • After over 10 appointments with other professionals trying to sort back issues Keelan has managed to free up my back hugely in 2 sessions. Would highly recommend!

  • I had a great experience attending BR Physiotherapy recently. Keelan was really knowledgeable and dealt with my injury very effectively. Would definitely visit this physio again

  • Best physio I've been to. Keelan is clearly very passionate about anatomy and helping people feel better. Highly recommended

  • Would highly recommend Keelan, a very knowledgeable physio who is very generous with his time and effort

  • I’d highly recommend BR Physiotherapy. I went with an elbow injury after a fall and within two weeks I recovered my full arm and elbow mobility. Keelan helped me a lot and he sent me different exercise programs to do at home which helped for a faster recovery. Thanks to the care, time and professionalism that was always given, I’d definitely come back for future injuries!

  • Top class service provided by Keelan. Had been looking for a physio in South Dublin and was recommended by a friend who spoke highly of him! Confident anyone who needs a physio and chooses Keelan, particularly if it’s your first time attending, will say the exact same! Quality session

Frequently Asked Questions

A physiotherapist is a general term for a healthcare professional who specialises in physical therapy. A chartered physiotherapist, on the other hand, is a physiotherapist who holds chartered status, signifying a higher level of training and expertise, often granted by professional bodies like the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Consider Chartered Physiotherapy if you have pain, limited mobility, or are recovering from an injury or surgery. A Chartered Physiotherapist can assess your condition and provide a personalised treatment plan.

In a session, the therapist assesses your condition, discusses goals, and creates a personalised treatment plan. This may include exercises, manual therapy, and education on self-management.

Chartered Physiotherapy is often covered by health insurance, but coverage varies. Check with your insurance provider for details, and consider whether a referral from a doctor is needed.

Results vary depending on the condition and individual. Some experience relief in a few sessions, while complex issues may require longer-term care. The therapist will monitor progress and adjust the plan accordingly.

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