BR Physiotherapy, Blackrock

Reviews from Our Customers

Darragh Roche

I have been experiencing awful pain in both achilles while playing football for the past two years. It has been a serious hindrance on my ability to play. After 4 appointments with Keelan, which included massage therapy and a series of tailored stretches and exercises focusing on strengthening my achilles, the pains began to subside. Each week brought a new set of routines again fully tailored to my injury and how I can maintain a strain free achilles. His attention to detail with regards to my specific injury is commendable.

I would highly recommend BR Physiotherapy to anyone with that annoying strain or any ongoing niggle you’ve been experiencing. Keelan will take the time to analyse and present a solution suited to your specific injury/strain and ensure it will remain strain-free.

Mark Bollard

Great physio in easy to get to location: “Was having consistent issues with my calves and ankles after a sustained period of running. After a few visits to Keelan the issues have gone and I am running pain free

Jeff O’Flynn

After suffering a grade 2 ankle ligament strain playing football , I went to Keelan for treatment. He provided a step by step rehabilitation programme and took me through the necessary strengthening exercises to return to full fitness, and I’m back training and playing since!

Willie Kavanagh

I was suffering from a very sore shoulder for a few weeks and I was getting no sleep. I paid a visit toKeelan as a last resort. He worked on it for a while during my visit and he restored a lot of movement. He gave me exercises to do which helped in a big way. I am now fully pain free and have full moment. Thanks Keelan for a great job done.