What is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is the prevention and treatment of injuries from sport and exercise of all ages. It allows you to reintegrate back into your sport or exercise in a correct and safe manner. Pursuing an active lifestyle with the assistance of a sports physiotherapist reduces the risk of injury and enhances your performance and enjoyment over a prolonged period of time.

BR Sports Physiotherapy in Dublin

  • Map out the correct return to play protocol for the athlete in their sport.
  • Identify the severity of the injury with power output and range of motion.
  • Assess the surrounding muscles and ensure that they do not / have not become compromised and affected in the incident.
  • Cater for the athlete’s individual needs and requirements to get back to full strength.
  • Years of sports physiotherapy experience

What our customers have to say

  •  I couldn’t recommend Keelan more, I was in the middle of training for both the Dublin half and full marathons and had to put my training on the back burner for 8 weeks due to a hip problem, after an MRI there were no apparent injuries and within 2 visits with Keelan I was back to training and completed the half.  He is incredibly thorough & knows what he is doing.

  • I cannot fault the experience I have had with BR physiotherapy. I have attended the clinic numerous times and the treatments have always been excellent. Keelan followed up post treatment and also provided me with a recovery plan with stretches and movements. I would highly recommend BR physiotherapy.

  • Keelan’s in-depth knowledge of sports injuries coupled with a pragmatic approach to rehab those specific injuries has been incredibly beneficial for my recovery. I would recommend his services based on this along with his easygoing and personable nature.

  • Went to Keelan with Achilles and shoulder injuries. He worked effectively and efficiently on both occasions for a number of sessions and resolved both issues. Keelan has a strong attention to detail and is very generous with his time and expertise. Would highly recommend him.

  • Would definitely recommend BR Physiotherapy. I went to Keelan for a sports injury to my neck and back and after one session I had so much relief and was able to start exercising and training as I had been pre injury. It was also great being given the get an online home exercise programme to do at home as well. 

We keep things simple

and cater for all injuries. Get in touch with us today to start your recovery process.

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