Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries often occur from overuse and degenerative changes. They can happen unexpectedly after performing the same task, for example, training for a marathon, playing golf and tennis, or performing the same physical tasks at work.

What are Tendon Injuries?

Tendons can become thickened and inflamed that leads to a tendinopathy in the affected area.

BR Physiotherapy can identify the tendon issue and assess it completely, to ensure surrounding areas are not also impacted, ie calf muscles when looking at the Achilles Tendon.

The appropriate treatment will be provided for that individual after assessment to allow them to return to their fully functioning capacity.

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Symptoms of Tendon Injuries:

Symptoms of tendon injuries can vary depending on the location and severity of the injury. Common symptoms include:

  • Pain: Tendon injuries often cause localized pain at or near the affected tendon. The pain may be sharp, dull, or aching.
  • Tenderness: The injured area may be tender to the touch, and pressing on it can elicit pain.
  • Stiffness: Tendinopathies can result in reduced flexibility and range of motion in the affected joint or muscle.
  • Swelling: Inflammation of the tendon can lead to localized swelling or a feeling of fullness in the area.
  • Weakness: Tendon injuries can weaken the affected muscle and reduce its strength.

It’s important to note that these symptoms can range from mild to severe, and they can develop gradually over time or occur suddenly due to trauma or overuse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diagnosis is through a physical examination and imaging tests.

Initial treatment includes rest, ice, compression, elevation, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatories.

Exercise depends on the severity, guided by a healthcare professional.

Physiotherapy improves strength, flexibility, and function.

Recovery time varies, with mild injuries healing in weeks and more severe cases taking months.

Complications can include chronic pain, limited mobility, and recurring injuries.

What our customers have to say

  • Keelan is a great physio. I was wrongly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis but through consultation he figured out what I have is more of a tendon issue. Sessions are long and he explains everything very well. Would recommend him big time.!

  •  I went BR Physiotherapy with an ongoing hamstring issue and Achilles Tendon problems from marathon training. Keelan was able to pinpoint the issues and helped me back to recovery with excellent deep tissue work and a rehab strength program. Strongly recommend Keelan! Thanks for the help!

  • Excellent physio. I've currently seeing Keelan for Achilles tendon and knee pain issues. He has already been a great help. I'm delighted he was recommended to me as from my experience, it can be hard to find a good physio that gives you proper attention and has excellent follow-up support. I would highly recommend him.

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